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Loose fitting comfortable clothes that are easy to remove and put back on.

X-rays (if applicable), Medicare card, health fund card, payment (if applicable), glasses, hearing aid, medications if required, completed Pre Admission booklet if not already sent in and any special food required post operatively.

Ensure you have discussed with your surgeon or GP what medications you can take on the day of surgery as some medications may require ceasing up to a week prior to your Surgery. Our Pre Admission Nurse shall discuss with you your medication regime as some may be required to be brought with you eg. Insulin, Ventolin.

Please note if you are on blood thinning medication that you have had a blood test taken the day prior at the latest so the hospital can obtain the results in time for your surgery.

Jewellery, valuables,bulky bags or suitcases. Sir John Monash Private Hospital does not take responsibility for your personal belongings.

Please check prior to your admission with your health fund directly in regards to an excess/co-payments and your coverage.

We only accept Cash/EFPOS, Visa, Mastercard or bank cheques.

We do not accept personal cheques, American Express or Diners cards.

Payments must be finalised at the time of admission and prior to the commencement of surgery.

We do not have overnight stay as we are a day surgery hospital only.It is expected that your total length will be for 2 – 5 hours depending on your procedure. We endeavour to run on time however there may be unexpected delays that are out of our control.

Parking is at rear of building off Dixon Street, third driveway on the left from the corner of Clayton Road and Dixon Street.

Please note third driveway is between our dark brown building and white apartment block next door. Although the signs state 2 hour parking, our patients can park as long as required.

Nail polish is best removed as it prevents our pulse monitoring devices from working. Artificial/gel nails are acceptable as long as toe are free from polish.